Sale! Claddish Cudgel
Claddish Cudgel

Claddish Cudgel Tidehunter item Dota 2.

230.000  195.000 

Giá Card: 280.000 

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Sale! Floodmask

Floodmask Tidehunter immortal Dota 2.

110.000  95.000 

Giá Card: 135.000 

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Sale! Golden Floodmask
Golden Floodmask

Golden Floodmask Dota 2 Tidehunter Golden item Golden Trove Carafe 2015. The unimaginable pressure of the ocean’s deepest chasms is pent up in this sturdy bit of salvage. Open the hatch and stand aside!

6.200.000  5.200.000 

Giá Card: 7.430.000 

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